Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh all right, here's one for 'Fat Tuesday'...

Billy: "I can't find my bike" Benny: "You're sitting on it."
Billy and Benny McCrary were born in Hendersonville NC in 1946. Although they were small babies (just over 5 pounds) they quickly grew to become the world’s heaviest twins, weighing in at well over 700 pounds each. Although they are now usually remembered as pro wrestlers they were also known for the motorcycle stunts they performed on Honda SL100 minibikes. To be honest, I don’t know what “stunts” they could possibly have done, but who cares? Just riding at all must have stunned onlookers.

In fact, in the ‘70s they rode the tiny bikes across the U.S., traveling 3000 miles and amply proving the ruggedness of Honda’s products. In 1979, Billy suffered what should have been a minor injury during their stunt act and died of heart failure. Touchingly, his brother buried him back in Hendersonville, under the world’s largest granite tombstone. Benny died of heart failure at 54, and he too was buried under the stone, which is decorated with images of their beloved minibikes.

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