Saturday, March 12, 2011

Even more Daytrivia. Cutting it close...

That’s Mister Daytona, to you

Scott Russell and Miguel Duhamel have each won the Daytona 200 five times. For my money, Russell gets the nod over my fellow-Canadian, because all of his wins came on Superbike-class machinery. Russell nearly won seven of the races; he also finished second in two races where the combined margin of victory totaled only .06 seconds.
Over the years, Miguel Duhamel and Scott Russell have racked up a lot of miles at the sharp end of the Daytona 200 field. Harley-Davidson drafted "Mr. Daytona" into the ill-fated VR1000 Superbike program. A gruesome start-line crash on the hog ended the competitive phase of the Georgian's career

Two of Russell’s wins were on Yamaha motorcycles. The tuning forkers have won the race 18 times. The only other manufacturer that comes close is Harley-Davidson with 16 wins, most of them on the sand.

The smallest margin of victory in the long-standing Russell-Duhamel duel was Miguel’s 0.01-second advantage over Scott Russell in 1996. For what it's worth, Duhamel has one claim to fame that will probably never be matched: he won his first “200” in 1991 and his fifth in 2005 – a fourteen year span.

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  1. FWIW, that caption is incorrect, Scott's career ending start-line crash was while he was mounted on a Ducati.