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"Paper books are dead, man." - A. Tree

For 100 years, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races have been the world's most dangerous organized sporting event. As one of the thirty thousand fans who attended the annual spectacle, I harbored no illusions about my own skill or bravery. I was, however, an avid motorcyclist and the race represented a boyhood dream. I went home, quit my job, sold everything I owned and returned to the Island to race there myself.

Riding Man is the account of an Everyman, struggling to qualify for -- and survive -- the TT races. If you're a dreamer, the lesson this book is that the pursuit of any worthwhile goal involves risks, rewards and, almost inevitably, some regrets. If you're not a dreamer, the lesson is more important: the deepest regrets are always over risks not taken. 

Are you tired of those dog-eared old copies of Motorcyclist and Cycle World that have been sitting on your toilet tank, and that you have been flipping through once a day since 2004? Well, buy a copy of the Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia, you’ll have 365 new entries to peruse.

As the author of Riding Man, and a motorcycle journalist whose writing has appeared in every major English-language motorcycle magazine. I've written some of the most thoughtful, inspiring, and moving stories ever published about motorcycles. This book doesn't contain any that stuff.

What it does contain is 360 days'-worth of useless crap, four entries that contain stuff worth knowing, and one entry you absolutely must read.

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For years, people have been asking me, "Where can I buy a copy of your DVD?" and I've patiently explained that I was the subject of Peter Riddihough's documentary film, but not the producer.

Well, I've finally arranged with Peter to distribute this great, feature-length DVD. Peter was with me on the Island during my training/learning period, and for the whole TT fortnight. His film captures the essence of my experience, and is a great complement to my book Riding Man. Watching it, you'll see what all the people and places that I describe in the book actually look like.

One Man's Island DVD 2 hours, standard definition $24.95 Free Shipping to the U.S. and Canada. International orders pay $10 shipping and handling. 

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I co-authored this book with Laurel Allen (ex-editor of Road Racer X.) It's a comprehensive history of BMW's racing and land speed record endeavors from the origins of the marque until just before the S1000R 'superbike' era.

It's lavishly illustrated by photos from the BMW archives, many of which I personally think are very cool. This is a nice addition to any BMW rider's library.

BMW Racing Motorcycles: The Mastery of Speed Hardcover, 175 pages. $29.95 + $5 Shipping and handling to U.S. & Canada.  (International orders: $29.95 + $10 Shipping and handling.)

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Hey, man doesn't live by motorcycles alone. For years, I paid for my motorcycle addiction by working at great jobs in the advertising industry. That experience gave me a unique perspective on the way Trader Joe's built it's cultural brand, without advertising. Build a Brand Like Trader Joe's is the inside story of the way one of America's most secretive companies built one of America's most powerful brands.

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The very first book that I ever wrote, in the early '90s, was a 'non-fiction novel' about fly-fishing called Year of the Raven. It's a memoir of a year spent fly fishing on one of the world's most challenging streams. It is most definitely not a "how to" fishing book -- indeed, it may be a "how not to" book! 

By turns lyrical and blasphemous, elegaic and cynical, 'Raven' is the internal monologue of an angler as he learns to apply the lessons of his life to fishing, and the lessons of his fishing to his life.

It is both the best book I ever wrote, and one that has been read by the fewest people. It was accepted no less than three times by really good publishers, all of whom later welshed on their deals when their marketing departments couldn't figure out how to 
package it. It blends elements of memoir with magic realism, and doesn't neatly fit in the fly-fishing canon.

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