Thursday, November 24, 2016

Within U.S. only: Give signed, inscribed books for Christmas

Do you know a motorcycle rider who also reads*? Now is your chance to buy them an author-signed and inscribed book for Christmas! (*Or in the case of my trivia books, poops?) 

Here's the deal:

  • U.S. mailing addresses only! (I used to be able to send signed books around the world, but USPS international rates have gone up to the point that, now, it's prohibitively expensive. Sorry!)
  • You pay the cover price, I pay all shipping and handling. Books are shipped in padded envelopes, via USPS, for delivery at least a week before Christmas.
  • Paypal only! (You don't need a Paypal account, you can use any credit or debit card.)
Choose the book (or DVD) you want from this drop-down menu...
Want a specific inscription?

Feature length documentary film. Standard definition. DVD $24.95

Over 400 pages. $22 Sale $18

$20 Now in development as a feature film
with screenplay by Todd Komarnicki (Sully)
to be directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day)
Great illustrations from BMW's archives plus the inside story of the development of the famed R90S Superbike, straight from Udo Geitl. BMW's entire racing history, up to but not including the S1000RR. $34.95 Sale $17

Another 365 days-worth!
More bathroom reading for bikers. (And you know, #2 is even more satisfying than #1!) $12.95

A year's worth of reading on the john. The perfect gift for any biker who reads (or poops).
Amazon's #1 Bestseller in the 'Motorsports' category last Christmas! $12.95

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