Saturday, March 15, 2014

Elvis has left the building, but his motorcycle's still here

I'm back in Calgary, visiting my mom (for her 88th birthday). What did I find in a local museum but...

Elvis' '56 Sportster. Really, it's a shame that Harley no longer makes a bike as spare and cool at this. My artist friend Bill Rodgers pointed out that, on the insurance form displayed with the bike, Elvis is described as "Vocalist, self-employed". That just about covers it.

There were a number of examples of heavily modified or decorated jackets, beginning with Rockers' jackets from the U.K., which were definitely sold as 'American style'...

Later on, in a case of what-goes-around-comes-around, the Brits exported punk music, and Seattle punk musicians and fans dressed to emulate British punk rockers, who were ironically referencing the Rockers, who were emulating Elvis.

(Sorry for the crap photos. All I had with me was my phone.)

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