Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Photos from that barn, in that town...

I feel that I've been remiss, posting little to this blog in recent months. It's not that I haven't been up to stuff; it's that, if anything, I've been up to too much. So, there's lots I want to write about, but no time in which to write.

So, for now, here are some photos that will illustrate a story that I'll publish when I get around to it. The story—sort of my own 'American Pickers' moment—will describe a barn in... ah, what does it matter where it is? I know none of you would care, or want to go there.

How many times have you ridden past a building this innocuous? 
Premier 125 Enduro, built by Moto Beta in the early '70s, for Berliner Motor Corp.
Year? Model? Love the 'tacos but I'm not familiar enough with them to ID this one.
Lots of '70s aftermarket love in evidence, such as this Bassani pipe, Preston Petty fenders...
In his day, the youngest Ducati dealer in the history of  the marque.
Pigeons 3, 657, Honda 1.
R5. Or in this case, maybe three and a half.
Bridgestones. There's a story here.
Folk art? Or just a way to store them off the ground?
Wards Riverside. Some were made by Benelli. Can anyone place this model?

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