Sunday, July 21, 2013

Riding Man, textbook?

I got a couple of cryptic emails and phone messages earlier this summer, from the manager of the Austin College bookstore in Sherman, TX, enquiring about stocking Riding Man. It turns out, my book's on the reading list for course entitled 'The Irish Sea', taught by historian Hunt Tooley. Cool, eh?

Here's a screen cap of the course description (click to enlarge)...

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  1. Folks if you have any bright ideas or tricks or tips on this, let me know. Here is what I do as of now.

    1. Always buy old textbooks whenever possible.
    2. First check your friends/seniors and get textbooks from them.
    3. Check College bookstore for used books.
    4. Check textbook price comparison web sites for cheapest available from well known web sites like Ebay,Amazon, Half. I use - TextBook Price Comparison
    5. Check it on craigslist classifieds:
    6. Just get the lowest priced textbook from above choices.
    7. Always consider time, tax & shipping in your total cost.
    8. Once you are doing using it, sell it immediately unless you need it further.

    Now a days textbooks are getting more and more expensive. I always buy used books but many times Prof. always asks for latest edition which I hate it. Because just one year old edition I may get for just less than $10 but latest edition will be like $100 or more. It's crazy!