Monday, June 10, 2013

Seen at the TT: Dogs

I've been on the Isle of Man for the whole of this year's TT fortnight. So I apologize for not posting a whole bunch of stuff. I've barely had time to get a couple of columns written for MotorcycleUSA (the first of which is found here.) My excuse is... Well, forget it. I'll catch you up later.

The TT paddock is its own little community really. A town of a few hundred people camped out between the Grandstand and 'downtown' Douglas, on the sporting fields of Nobles Park. Since most of those people are on the Island for over two weeks, they bring the whole household, including kids and dogs. Dogs are great stress relievers, and I can easily see how it would be nice to have one around in the hours before setting out onto the Mountain Course.

Over the next few days, I'll try to back-post some more observations from this trip. And watch for more 'Manx Postcard' Backmarker columns on, with the next one coming this Thursday...

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