Saturday, February 12, 2011

Any trials rider knows it's tricky turning on a slippery slope

How do you feel about smoking? I know that I love to see a really hot, sexy woman smoking. Because as soon as she lights up, I can totally relax around her; I lose all sexual attraction instantly.

But seriously. This morning, an article in the New York Times discusses businesses (mostly hospitals) that know use smoking as a reason not to hire, or even to terminate, new employees. I'm not sympathetic to smokers, and am sympathetic to smokers' employers who pay for innumerable 'smoke breaks' when nicotine fiends leave the building to go and smoke wherever it's allowed (I think most go to Nevada.)

As I was reading it, though, I thought it was a slippery slope. After all, it's risky but legal behavior. So's motorcycling. Sure enough, even the New York Times listed riding motorcycles as a logical next-banned-activity target for this kind of thinking.

Fair warning...

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