Monday, April 4, 2011

For sale: 40+ major championships! (Free helmet included)

About 15 years ago, I was at an American Supercamp taught by Chris Carr and Will Davis. I was wearing a white Arai helmet for the sessions, and on the spur of the moment I asked Carr and Davis to autograph my lid. One thing led to another, and over the years, when I encountered a famous racer who I liked, I asked them to sign it too. (So, despite many opportunities, I never got Phil Read or Mat Mladin to sign it, for example.) As the helmet got older and more covered with signatures, I stopped riding in it, and for the last few years I've only carried it around in a cheap helmet case when I have the presence of mind to think I might get another good autograph for it.

After a while, I thought "Some day I'll eBay this thing for a good cause." Well, that day has come, and I'm going to sell it to help defray the U.S. federal government's enormous debt. Yes, I'm going to give the money to the IRS. To learn more (and bid on it!) follow that tantalizing read more link below...

So if you have an interest in motorcycle racing memorabilia, here's your chance to acquire a fascinating and unique object, and you can tell yourself that you're 'supporting the troops,' or maybe contributing a tiny bit to the National Endowment for the Arts -- whatever turns your crank, buddy. And you'll be helping me to keep the IRS at bay, too.

It's been signed by over 20 famous motorcycle racers, including all of the following...
Kevin Schwantz (25 wins in 500 GP, 1993 World Champion)
Ben Bostrom (AMA Superbike Champion, 1998. Six SBK wins)
Miguel Duhamel (32 AMA Superbike wins)
Chris Carr (7 Grand National flat track championships, Land Speed Record)
Ralph Bryans (10 GP wins, 1 World Championship - 50cc, 1965)
Michelle (Mike) Duff (3 Grand Prix wins - as Mike Duff)
Wayne Rainey (24 GP wins, World Champion '90,'91,'92)
Jim Redman (45 Grand Prix wins, Four World Championships)
Will Davis (31 Grand National flat track wins)
Josh Hayes (2010 AMA Superbike Champion)
Kenny Roberts Sr. (two AMA Grand National Championships, 24 Grand Prix wins, triple World Champion)
Kenny Roberts Jr. (500GP World Chamion, 2000)
Charlie Williams (8 TT wins)
Colin Edwards (World Superbike Champion 2000, 2002)
Reg Pridmore (First AMA Superbike Champion)
Tommy Robb (3 Grand Prix wins, 1973 Ultralightweight TT winner)
Jorge Lorenzo (2010 MotoGP Champion)
Ben Spies (AMA Superbike Championship 2006, '07 '08. World Superbike Champion 2009)
Eddie Lawson (31 Grand Prix wins, four 500cc World Championships)
Sammy Miller (11 consecutive British trials championships)

Collectively, they've won at least 12 AMA Superbike Championships, 9 Grand National Championships, 18 Grand Prix World Championships, and three World Superbike Championships!

It took me so long to accumulate all these signatures that it occurs to me as I look at it, that there are three I can't identify! If you know who these guys are, please let me know:

The helmet itself is an Arai from the early '90s. I raced in it, but it has never been crashed -- it's just old! There is most of my old personal racing logo visible on the front, and it's been signed in black, blue, and red 'Sharpie.' It is not in perfect condition -- I've carried this thing to races and event all over the world gathering the signatures over a period of at least 15 years!

I'll provide a certificate of authenticity to go with it. If the winning bid goes over $500, I'll also sign and include a First Edition copy of my memoir Riding Man, which is now out of print. A perfect, signed copy recently sold on Amazon for $75!

To bid on this item, go this eBay link.


  1. is the blue one doug chandler ? or mick doohan?
    i have a hat with 8 or 9 signatures with same top guys you have.... i cant i.d. one


  2. OH I THINK ITS WHATS HIS FACE (BLUE SHARPIE) UM umm uumm uhhh um uh ehhhh yeah #12
    umm he was # 12 crap in the 1990's 500cc grand prix