Friday, December 22, 2017

Did Cycle World accidentally label this 'Review'? Because it sure reads like branded content

Every now and then, when my blood pressure gets too low, I go look at Cycle World's web site.

Recently, I checked it and found an ad a review of the Ford Raptor, a pickup truck that CW's advertising staff headline writer described as "every motorcyclist's magic bus".

At a time when the motorcycle industry is desperate to attract new riders, Psycho World could have run a meaningful story about how you don't need a fancy truck or van to go trail riding or do a track day.
"Best used truck and van bargains for $3k, $5k, & $10k" would have been a good topic. In fact I might even write that story.
For that matter if you're going to transport your bike exposed to the elements, you can buy a utility trailer that is easier to load, and that you can tow behind a Honda Civic. Wouldn  
In CW's photos, the bed looks high, though perhaps not as high as it looks on the spec sheet. Ford lists the height of 4WD (as tested) Raptor at nearly three feet. Ford engineers thoughtfully engineered a step up to the bed but if you're using it to move a bike, that ramp's gonna' be steep. Assuming you can get it up, you'll still have trouble getting it all the way in. The four-door truck CW tested has a 6'6" bed, so you can't close the tailgate with even a small bike in there.

The clincher though, is the fucking price: $65,000. Leave aside the fact that it's actually not good motorcycle transport, what percentage of CW readers can possibly afford it? What's next in the series, a yacht you can use to transport your Confederate from Boca Raton to Monaco? Maybe there's one reader in the market for a Lear jet with motorcycle transport capacity.

Yes, they admit it's expensive, but the fawning and tone-deaf 'review', which glosses over overt flaws for the stated purpose, make this another post on that reads like branded content. But which is presented as straight up editorial. Sad!


  1. I agree CW/Motorcyclist, same rag, have become hacks for the industry. Where they use to provide entertainment and information, we now get fluff pieces and click bait for the web pages. And a $65k pickup is a perfect match for a $30k HD, on a traler.

  2. I stopped my subscriptions to those mags a few years ago simply because they’re boring and do not relate stories for the typical rider. I think they’re being run by the same publication companies that produce mags like People and Vanity Fair. #stupid

    Although I have to comment on your last remark; I’m a little sick and tired of the shit people dish out about Harley Davidson bikes. I’ve been riding one for a few years now. It’s not your dad’s Harley by any stretch, and I’m not a typical Harley rider either. It’s a Fat Bob, the last of the Dyna’s. It’s a great bike and I have a lot of fun riding it. But just because it costs a lot that doesn’t mean only Harley riders have the money for a Raptor. I’m sure you know people with multiple bikes so add up the cost of them and those people become your same financial demographic. And by the way, so do all the Indian, Ducati and BMW riders. Only referencing $25k Harley riders/owners makes it sound like you’ve either had issues with Harley riders or you covet their bikes because you can’t afford one.

  3. I still check out CW as there still isn't enough motorcycle content for me to read online (common thread, rideapart, motogeo vids are a few I do enjoy).
    Need more bikewriter content!