Monday, June 29, 2015

Gaming the rules is part of the game

I see that the Grand Prix Commission—that's actually French for "big pricks"—have decided that Ducati will lose its rules "concessions" a year earlier than previously thought. I guess Honda and Yamaha got tired of Ducati riders qualifying and finishing ahead of their factory bikes.

The reason this bugs me is, gaming the rules has always been a part of the game in motorsport. Looking at the rulebook and figuring out how to get an advantage is one of the central skills in racing. Ducati did that better than Honda and Yamaha; they should be rewarded for it, not punished for it.

Bad form, MotoGP.

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  1. Not that WSB and other production-based series aren't susceptible to their own forms of BS, but this is why I think racing built around showroom models is truly a more pure form of racing, as opposed to an "open class" series that isn't really open-class, and is built around a completely arbitrary rulebook.