Friday, October 5, 2012

The Bikewriter polls have closed

Obama couldn't channel his in rock star in Denver, but something gave Romney wings...
The results of the first totally scientific, statistically relevant, and highly-predictive Bikewriter-MotoGP/Election analogy/poll have closed. The biggest wiener, er, make that 'winner' in all this was Chris N., of Illinois, who was selected at random amongst the voters to win a free copy of Riding Man.

By a slim margin, Bikewriter's reader/voters concluded that, "Romney wants to fire his crew chief, but the truth is, the championship was lost in pre-season testing. HRC and the team bickered publicly, while Obama's crew quietly went about their business."

This conclusion was chosen slightly more often than "They've shown crossed flags and Obama's in the lead, but racing doesn't start when the red lights go off, it starts when the tires go off. It's all still up for grabs."

None of the other options was even close. Note that all votes were cast before last night's Presidential debate. (In which Romney, perhaps inspired by Pedrosa's performance at Aragon, pulled out all the stops.) Next up, the Vice-Presidential debate. It's the Moto2 of debating, which is to say, it'll be a lot more entertaining but no one will really care who wins...

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