Thursday, August 16, 2012

A great film find from the TT's golden era

The late sixties were (at least arguably) the apogee of the TT. It was still the first among equals in the World Championship, but the program also included 250, 500 and 750cc production classes. In 1969, Triumph came out in force -- bringing not just bikes and riders, but a film crew. Triumph's efforts were rewarded in the sense that Malcolm Uphill won the 750 class, but bittersweet when his speed was officially 99.99 miles an hour.

Sure this film is dated, but it's well crafted by the standards of the period and (again, by 1969 standards) was not cheap to produce. Where's the contemporary manufacturer that is putting a comparable effort into PR?

(Thanks to Lunmad, an otherwise-anonymous Triumph fan, for uploading this to YouTube!)

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  1. Good stuff, Mark...thanks.

    Loved the "cheesecake" footage. If there's one thing missing from today's high-zoot races, it's chicks stubbing out smokes with bare feet.