Saturday, March 10, 2012

Links to three amazing photo sets that have just come online...

I think there's some 'rule' about updating your blog on the weekends, but what the hell... In the last day, I've been made aware of three amazing photo sets that have recently been posted online.

The first, which I got to by following a link on, is Life Magazine's coverage of the 1948 Daytona 200. That photo set is here. It's probably the best photo essay I've seen from the days when the '200' was run on the beach.

While I was on the Life site, I saw an even cooler photo essay shot about 20 years later, when a Life shooter and writer spent a few days hanging with the San Bernardino Hells Angels. This photo-essay, which the editors of the magazine ultimately killed, is by far the best of its kind.

Last but not least, regular readers will know that I've long had a 'thing' for the 1939 edition of the International Six Days Trial, which I wrote about here.

For years now, I've been pushing a screenplay based on the escape of the British Army motorcycle team from the Nazis, after WWII broke out during that event. Some day, I'll tell you a funny story about the roundabout route that project's taken, but the reason it's top of mind for me right now is that the Austrian Museum of Technology recently scanned and uploaded a fantastic set of images shot during that event, which was held in Salzburg, Austria. These recently uncovered pics give a much better visual sense of what the event was like. (Thanks Liesel, whoever you are, for the heads up!)

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