Monday, May 2, 2011

Public Relations for dopes: Paul Bird reacts to drug & gun smuggling on Kawasaki SBK team transport

Here's a note from the Dept. of 'Yeah, Sure'...

A few days ago, news broke that one of Kawasaki's factory World Superbike racing team's trucks was searched returning to the U.K. from Assen. The Paul Bird Motorsport transport truck was loaded with tens of thousands of hits of amphetamines - hey, it's motorcycle racing, maybe Paul Bird looked at Kawi's mediocre SBK results and said, "We've got to get more speed from somewhere!"

But that doesn't explain the 100 kilos of pot, and several kilos of cocaine on the truck. Or the gun (which would go without saying at a bust of similar size here in the U.S., but which is a huge deal in the U.K.)

Then today, Paul Bird Motorsport released a statement claiming innocence with this eye-roller...

Naturally, the discovery came as a shock to the whole team, including those who were present during the search. The team are confident that no team member has any connection whatsoever with the items discovered

The release concluded with assurance that it wouldn't happen again: Understandably, the team are now taking stringent measures to increase the security of their vehicles as they travel throughout Europe in future.

It won't happen again. But that's because from now on, UK customs officers will be all over Bird's trucks with dope sniffing dogs every time they come back into the country.

As for the suggestion that some complete stranger put drugs with a street value of over $2,000,000 on Bird's trucks, all I have to say is, Yeah, sure. Anyone doing that would surely realize that the trucks would be completely unloaded at the team's base as soon as they got back there, so this complete stranger or his accomplices in the UK would have to sneak into the trucks at the team's base (which, I can guarantee you, would be a lot harder than nipping into the truck in the Assen paddock) and leave unnoticed with more pot than a person can lift and carry.

No one on the team knew anything about it? Paul Bird Motorsport must think we're all dopes. I feel sorry for Kawasaki.

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